Malawian escapes ‘Nyaope’ death trap in SA

A Malawian from Makhosikazi in Mzimba has escaped with neck injuries after wrestling with armed assailants who wanted to chop off his head in South Africa.

Witnesses have confided in this reporter that the man, name withheld, met his fate in a taxi he boarded when coming back from Honeydew where he went to buy a drum container.

“In the midst of the journey, the other guys who were at the back of the taxi flashed out sharp knives which they aimed at his head. He wrestled with them and got out of the taxi,” said David Nyuma, friend to the survivor.

David believes that the assailants wanted to kill the man with an intent of stealing from him.

“Here in South Africa, we’ve criminal gangs called Nyaope. These people make ends meet through stealing from people. This was a syndicate. I believe even the driver was involved in the plot,” he stressed.

“How my friend survived the attack from about five thugs, remain a mystery but we thank God. Fellow Malawians in here must be careful when embarking in a taxi. Otherwise, these things are widespread across the country.”

The survivor is based in sector 52.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that the man is recovering from his wounds after his employer took him to a hospital yesterday, Tuesday.