The Bad News: Gospel goofs

Malawians have lambasted Minister of Information Gospel Kazako over plans to spend taxpayers’ money on 16 musicians for a Covid-19 song.

Kazako recently asked his Twitter followers to recommend 16 musicians who can be part of a Coronavirus awareness anthem.

“Just seeking your views. If we were to come up with a Covid-19 anthem meant to create awareness and fight the pandemic, which 16 top local artists would you want to be featured in the ensemble?” he tweeted earlier this week.

However, Malawians have bashed the minister’s suggestion saying artists have already released numerous songs aimed at raising awareness about the Coronavirus.

“This is poor move… Since the outbreak … A lot of artist have released a lot of songs in relation to covid-19. By the end of the day you will be paying those artists. Why don’t you utilize those resources to boost the health sector with materials and even boosting the human resource,” said Facebook user Morson Sp Thole.

One of the selfless artists, Wikise, has also advised the minister to use funds meant for the songs to buy masks and distribute them to people who cannot afford a mask.

Wikise, who released a Coronavirus awareness song called Iwe ndi Ine last year, also urged the minister to encourage radio and TV stations to play the already available songs about Coronavirus.

“Check in websites and you will find a lot of local songs about Coronavirus. What you should do is to ensure the songs are being played on radio and TV stations every day. Use the money for the anthem to buy masks for people who are being arrested for being on the streets without masks,” said Wikise in aletter to Kazako.

One of the commenters on the post Mayamiko Aaron said a Coronavirus anthem cannot be good.

“So I think the best way is just to go back to these already sung songs. While for what they are going to do with those money, is what Wikise has suggested but if those monies are many then you can now start thanking those artists who had volunteered themselves to sing a song about corona,” he said.