Lilongwe Man Catches Wife Cheating Red Handed

the vandalized Nissan X-Trail

Shame lands in the home of one Mr. Allan when he finds his marital wife in the car of whom is believed to be her boyfriend at Bingu stadium in Lilongwe on Sunday, the 17th of January 2021. Heedless of how Allan possibly became aware of the situation, perhaps he did a little investigating of his own prior to finding her there. Nevertheless, the situation fueled Allan so badly that he vandalized his wife’s lover’s car. Glasses covered the scene when he broke the rear view glass of the X-trail.

Allan did not stop there, he then threw out the insanely huge amount of alcohol found in the car which broke upon hitting the ground. The remaining surviving bottles, scavenged by by-passers watching the scandalous event. It makes no sense as to why anybody would have all that alcohol on a beautiful Sunday morning, at 8am to be precise and worse still with someone else’s wife!

All the sneaking around that they had been doing leaves a lot of room for questions, such as whether or not the alleged boyfriend is also married. If he is, why are the two lovers so unhappy with their respected marriages? What could be the possible explanation to why any morally correct being would go through such lengths to be with the wife of another man and risk enduring all the shame and tarnish their reputations this horribly? Whatever the reasons may be, the life of Allan will not the same after all this pain.