Malawians in fundraising drive for Coronavirus supplies


Malawian writer and activist Onjezani Kenani is leading a fundraising initiative which has so far raised over K18 million to be used for procurement of Coronavirus supplies.

The money will be used for purchasing oxygen, oxygen cylinders, pressure regulators, urgently required medicines, and other supplies which are critically needed in hospitals to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kenani said he decided to launch the fundraising drive following an appeal by a patient who complained about a lack of regulators at an isolation centre.

Stanley Kenani

“We are facing a crisis in Malawi. Hospitals are overwhelmed because of the covid-19 pandemic. A new strain from South Africa has resulted in an exponential surge. Hospitals are failing to cope. We are a poor country in southern Africa. Our government is trying whatever it can, citizens are contributing whatever they can, but we need help. Whatever you can contribute will be fine. One critical supply Covid-19 patients need is oxygen. To administer it from cylinders there is a need for oxygen pressure regulators.  These are in critical need. There is no manufacturer of these in the whole of southern Africa. I want to buy them on eBay and send them to Malawi as urgently as possible.

“We will account for every cent. People are dying, hospitals are overwhelmed, and the situation requires all hands on deck. We are immensely grateful for your help,” reads part of Kenani’s statement on Gofundme account which he has created.

Currently, funds are being received through Kenani’s personal accounts but a business licence called “Covid Response Private Citizens” has since been obtained so that an account with several signatories can be created and the funds will be channeled there.

Donations are being sent to National Bank account 1855988 with the name Stanley O. Kenani and created at Lilongwe branch. The account has the SWIFT code: NBMAMWMW.

Donations can also be sent to the Paypal account named [email protected]; to Airtel Money 1: 0999306684 and Airtel Money 2: 0999604048 as well as to TNM Mpamba: 0888301039 or through the Gofundme linke:

Malawi has seen a rise in Coronavirus cases in recent weeks with over 5000 cases registered this year alone.