Malawi to re-arrest Bushiri


Malawi Government will re-arrest fugitive Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his alleged partner-in-crime, wife Mary Bushiri for extradition to South Africa.

The nod for extradition, paving way for the couple’s re-arrest has been issued by the Attorney General, Chikosa Silungwe.

Silungwe gave the Minister of Homeland Security the nod to proceed with the extradition process for the couple.

According to reports, Minister of Homeland Security Richard Chimwendo Banda has since signed the extradition request  and  Bushiri and wife Mary are expected to be re-arrested.

Bushiri who is leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church together with his wife Mary fled from South Africa last month defying their strict bail conditions.

The two are accused of fraud and money laundering charges related to an investment scheme valued at about R102 million.

In Malawi, the two were arrested after a warrant of arrest was issued by Interpol but a court in Lilongwe said the arrest was illegal as there was no formal request from South Africa.

Earlier this month, the South African government sent the extradition request and expressed hope that the Malawi Government will cooperate.