Luchenza council embraces clean-up initiative


Luchenza Municipality says it will raise awareness about the clean-up initiative in order to improve sanitation in the area.

Speaking after the initiative was launched at Luchenza community, the municipality’s chief executive officer  Selina Chiphamba appreciated the Administration of Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and said as a municipal they are ready to fulfill Chakwera’s vision and goal behind this

Chivunde during the launch

“We have welcomed the initiative as it has come at the right time, rainy season to be specific, whereby cholera and malaria arise. In order to make this initiative fruitful, people must have mindset change towards environment because good environment equals to good health.

“So as municipal we are committed towards the initiative for we geared up with advocacy, trainings, civic education as well as making awareness campaign on environment management,” said Chiphamba.

She added that they are working hand in hand with civil society, pastors fraternal, business people and community members to make Luchenza an example in terms of sanitation and hygiene.

Chiphamba urged the general public to be using alternative friendly carrier bags saying plastics are hazardous to people’s lives when burnt as well as dangerous to livestock when eaten.

Special advisor to the president on political affairs Ephraim Chivunde who launched the initiative in Luchenza said the initiative has come into mind of the state president upon scrutinizing how Malawi stands in terms of sanitation and hygiene as most areas are filled up with wastes.

“Malawi as a country we are not doing enough in terms of cleanliness so the president thought  it wise that we have to; starting from our villages, Trading centers, markets up to regional level,  we have to clean up our town and everything that will help us to live in a clean environment.

“By so doing, definitely we will be far away from all these diseases that are caused by uncleanliness, as you know that we are in rainy season and there are a lot diseases that we can suffer  because of unclean places we are living in,” said Chivunde.

Chivunde further added: “I hope Malawians will listen and they will see how important this initiative is, then definitely each and every body it will be his or her responsibility to take part on it.

He then urged the general public to cooperate and know the important of this initiative as it is not for the benefit of president only but Malawi as whole. He also warned against the tendency of throwing away trashe and waste  anyhow.

The national launch of the clean up day campaign was held on 11 November by President Chakwera and clean-up exercise will be taking place every second Friday of the month.