Chilima trashes Barry One song


Vice President Saulos Chilima has discouraged the singing of one of the local popular songs at wedding ceremonies arguing it is a recipe for problems in marriages.

Speaking during a public lecture on mindset change at BICC in Lilongwe, Chilima condemned Ukapilire, an old traditional song which was later on produced in urban fashion by Barry One and Maskal.

The deputy Malawi leader tackled on that issue on the subject of harmful cultural practices. He said the Ukapilire notion is deeply rooted in culture hence it is time to get away with it.

Ukapilire song advocates for endurance in marriage. It is believed to be an encouragement for women to suffer in silence when things go haywire in marriage.

Barry One’s song sounds in partial, “Ukapilire umka iweko, kumeneko ukapeza ena onse uzikaakonda/you will have to endure in marriage/you will have to love your partner’s relatives.”

The song was recorded about 8 years ago. It has a Malawian traditional element of Manganje. Although Barry’s Ukapilire is less noisy in the present day, it’s ancestor remains relevant at wedding ceremonies.