Malawian musician Beanca to stage naked protest over rape


Musician Beanca has said she will hold naked protests to demand action against the rise in rape cases in the country.

In a Facebook post today, the Dancehall artist said she want to show her anger over the rape and sexual abuse of women and girls.

“Every week, women are being raped in Malawi. This needs to end! In two weeks from now, whether I gain authorization or not, whether alone or not, I will go to the streets fully naked to demonstrate against rape,” she said.

Over the past months, cases of child sexual abuse and rape have been on the rise in the country.

Recently in Chikwawa, an 11-year-old child was raped and was dumped on the road while she was bleeding heavily from her private parts.

Over the past few days, there have been revelations of sexual abuse of female students by lecturers and male students at the University of Malawi.