Communities accuse Chief Kabunduli of selling forest land

Community members at Msongwe in Nkhatabay have accused Senior Chief Kabunduli and his wife Sub T/A Thula of selling Kaning’ina forest land which the communities say belongs to the government.

The community members have formed a pressure group to stop Kabunduli from selling the remaining land.

Speaking to reporters, leader of the group Davie Chipeta said the land belongs to government and they want Chief Kabunduli and his wife to stop selling the land.

“I was raised here in Msongwe, I have been here for 21 years, last year it was a surprise that we saw one of the women who she said she is married to the TA Kabunduli. She came to this area and she went to forest offices to ask the forest people to give her the land.

“According to a letter that we have, the land was given to her but that land was supposed to be given back to communities. The land was sold to people from town and the other land the Chief is claiming that it is belonging to her,” said Chipeta.

He added that the communities formed the pressure group which has since written letters to Local Authorities, District commission and the lands and the regional forest office.

Chatepa said the Government must help the community to give them new boundaries and tell them if the land indeed belongs to the community or TA Kabunduli. He also called on the authorities to act and arrest those who wrongly sold the land.

Chief Kabunduli could not be reached for his comment.

The land is along M5 Mzuzu-Nkhatabay road about five kilometers from Mzuzu city.