Kumbali Lodge, seven vehicles torched over land wrangle

Villagers in Lilongwe have burned down part of Kumbali Lodge and seven vehicles at the lodge due to a land wrangle.

The villagers torched the property in the early hours of Sunday in Lilongwe.

According to reports, some villagers were apprehended at the lodge for encroaching into land belonging to the lodge.

The incident angered the villagers who then attacked the lodge, setting on fire the seven vehicles. The fire also damaged a nursery school at the lodge and rooms which were being used by guests.

Police in Lilongwe went to the premises where they managed to bring calm.

Torched vehicles

On the lodge’s Facebook page, management of Kumbali which is at Area 44 in Lilongwe have been complaining that they have lost 200Ha of natural forest due to deforestation on its land.

Meanwhile, social commentator Idris Ali Nassah has condemned the arson, saying Malawians need to stop involving violence in dispute resolution.

“The destruction of property at Kumbali Lodge, allegedly arising from a dispute over land is reprehensible. The offenders should be found, arrested and charged for their mischief.

“Malawians need to understand and embrace mechanics of dispute resolution that don’t involve violence or are destructive. Disputes over money, romantic relationships, business gone south, a pyramid scheme that has collapsed, differences in politics, even over traditional and religious beliefs…can otherwise be settled through mediation, negotiation, conciliation and pacification. What you do not do is take the law into your own hands,” said Nassah.