State drops case against Fredokiss


The state has dropped an election related case against musician Fredokiss due to lack of evidence.

Fredokiss was being accused of giving handouts to voters in Rumphi during the June 23 fresh presidential elections. Together with two other suspects, the musician pleaded not guilty to charges of using fraudulent means to induce another person to vote for/against a particular candidate or party.

Today, the state was expected to parade eight witnesses but, in a twist of events, the prosecutor told the court that the state was having problems to find suitable witnesses and gather evidence.

The state then asked for temporary withdrawal of the case.

Mzuzu Chief Resident Magistrate, Gladys Gondwe, accepted the state’s application but said the case can only be taken back to court within one year.

Meanwhile, Fredokiss who is the son of Rumphi East Legislator Kamlepo Kalua, has welcomed the decision to drop the case. He has, however, said he is not bitter over the arrest.

“Police officers are also human beings they make mistakes am not bitter it’s just the system,” he told the local media.