Ras Dema not dead


By Lyonike Mughogho

Lilongwe based entertainer Ras Dema is the latest popular victim of death hoax in Malawi.

Recently, the social media was awash with reports about his ‘death’. It was reported that the dreadlocked entertainer was killed in cold blood by some unknown people Sunday evening.

Some quarters went as far as accusing the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) for Dema’s ‘death’ which did not go well with supporters of the said political organization.

To put the rumours to bed, the entertainer has been featured on his friend’s video clip which is currently in circulation on social media.

In the video, Dema says his death will not be a secret. He added that people will learn about his demise from one Mr Kalonga who is also in the video.

Ras Dema is known for trolling renowned politicians artistically. Some of his victims are George Chaponda and former president’s bodyguard Norman Chisale.