We need a serial killer – Chanthunya


Noel Chanthunya, brother of convicted murderer Misozi Chanthunya who was this week found guilty of murdering his pregnant girlfriend, is looking for a serial killer.

Noel Chanthunya said on twitter that he needed the serial killer to wipe out street children.

The tweet, posted on 26 November in 2016, resurfaced following the conviction of his brother Misozi.

“We need a serial killer to wipe out f*ucking Street kids” he tweeted, prompting people to question his motive.

Noel uses @NoelCastanza as a Twitter handle.

His brother, Misozi Chanthunya, was convicted this week on three counts of murder, perjury and hindering the burial of a dead person.

After murdering Linda Gasa, he buried her inside his family cottage at Monkey Bay in  Mangochi.

The woman killer will be sentenced this coming Wednesday on  2 September 2020.

A majority reacted with disgust while some called on the law enforcers to investigate Noel on the backdrop of his brother’s murder conviction.