Bibi Queens: Malawian girls eat faeces for K7 million

…Manyi and Bibi Queens go after each other

Call it love ya manyi or bibi romance as young women from Malawi are romantically eating their blessers’ faeces for seven million kwacha to finance their elegant lifestyle.

This manyi romance is happening in Dubai, the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which is also the capital of the Emirate of Dubai.

The city has of late been a target for more young Malawians especially the Insta models, either as a destination for greener pasture or for holiday.

But it was never revealed by the fraternity of the Insta trekkers why Dubai suddenly became their darling. The secret was safe indeed – until this week when hell broke loose on social media following a fallout between friends in faecal smooching.

Reports of smashing faeces, locally known as manyi or bibi, like Ice cream or milkshake depending on how solid the manyi are, started trending on both Instagram and Twitter.

An expose by a now deleted Instagram account detailed how some socialites and Instagram models trek to Dubai for manyi romance – yummy? Yuck!

“It is said Arabs were shitting in their mouth for $10,000 [K7,500,000],” reads one screenshot posted on Twitter that detailed how some of the models who go to the United Arab Emirates earn their living. Money is money after all. How you earn it is nobody’s business.

The expose has reportedly destroyed a friendship of 11 years.

As this is a developing story, Malawi24 will keep you posted with latest updates on this strange fetish.

If you are one of the ladies in Dubai smashing and smooching the manyi-romance, feel free to get in touch with more details. If you have ever been entangled in this love ya bibi, feel free to share your story.

All your identities will remain anonymous unless you advise us to reveal your name. If you have your own clips indulging in faecal smoothing to satisfy other people’s addiction of coprophilia –  the romantic desire and pleasure in faeces and defecation, DM us on Insta or Twitter.

Malawians are ready to hear these unique stories from the horse’s mouth that icecreams faeces for love or a good amount of dough. Would you smooch faeces for K7.5 million? Share your views in the comment section.


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