Atoht leaks Namadingo’s next mashup candidate

Bazooka Music artisan Atoht Manje has revealed to the public Patience Namadingo’s next candidate in his reggae mashups projects.

The Huwa hitmaker has disclosed that the Mapulani star will work with Islamic worship director in his next episode. Manje has made the revelation through Facebook.

Atoht Manje

“kukubweraku ngati Patience Namadingo sayimba ndiuja amaimba Mwazini ku mzikitu uja ndakaika ndithu (I have high hopes that Namadingo will team up Islamic worship directors)” reads the post

Namadingo is the busiest musician in Malawi currently. He has been working with different musicians in his reggae mashups project.

Some of the renowned musicians he has worked with are the veteran Giddes Chalamanda, Lucius Banda, Billy Kaunda and reggae giants the Black Missionaries. His tight music schedule raises high expectations from the audience as people anticipate his next projects.

The FDH brand ambassador is now on a mission to win two BET Awards in the next edition. The receiving end has high expectations from the artist since he promised to bring home the said prestigious accolades.