MISA Malawi condemns continued assault on journalists


…asks govt to arrest all the perpetrators

The Media Institute for Southern Africa (MISA-Malawi Chapter) has bemoaned the continued cases of assault on journalists and has since asked the new government to end the malpractice.

This is according to MISA Malawi chairperson, Teresa Ndanga, who was speaking after suspected DPP and UDF cadets assaulted a journalist who was taking pictures of Norman Chisale, former security aide of Malawi’s ex-president Peter Mutharika.

On Wednesday Chisale sympathizers attacked Zodiak TV cameraman David Chapita who was taking pictures of Chisale’s arrival at the Lilongwe high court amid his arrest over duty free cement deal.

It is reported that these suspected DPP cadets further blocked other journalists who wanted to record an interview with Chisale’s lawyer Chancy Gondwe a development which MISA Malawi has described as worrisome.

Ndanga said it is very sad that DPP cadets continue attacking journalists despite their institution writing the former president Peter Mutharika on the same.

“It’s quite sad that we can continue talking about these issues considering that we have for so many times condemned such acts. We understand that the context in which the journalist was attacked, was where he was taking pictures of Mr Chisale and he suspects that the attackers are from DPP.

“It’s been the bad behavior for some time and you can remember that we even reached an extent of writing the former president to put to rest such malpractice,” said Ndanga.

She further added that it is very disappointing to note that journalists in the country continue to work under threats despite the constitution setting a good and free environment during delivery of their duties.

The MISA chairperson then said that the only possible solution to such acts should be government’s intervention and the need to bring to book all the perpetrators of such behaviors.

Ndanga said the new government should start arresting everyone who assault a journalist so that people should know that doing so is punishable by the law.