Chakwera says he will not go after Mutharika

Malawi leader Lazarus Chakwera says he will not personally go after former President Peter Mutharika but he will make sure people who committed crimes face the law.

Chakwera made the remarks in an interview with the BBC’s Focus on Africa on Thursday.

Asked if he will go after Mutharika, Chakwera said he will he will not victimize anyone but will strengthen governance institutions to ensure that people who broke the law are prosecuted though in a manner in which no witch-hunting is done.

“We want to be a people that respect the law. We do not want to victimize anybody at all but we do want to make sure that we follow up on all the things that have happened in order that Malawians must have confidence that together we can build but we cannot build on rubble,” said Chakwera

The new Malawi leader was elected in the Fresh Presidential Elections in which he defeated Mutharika. In the polls, Chakwera led the Tonse Alliance which included the People’s Party led by former President Joyce Banda who was Malawi leader when over K2 billion was stolen from government coffers in the cashgate scandal.

Chakwera, in his inauguration speech, said he will fight corruption. In his cabinet, Chakwera has appointed Banda’s son, Roy Kachale as Minister of Industry.

During the BBC interview, Chakwera was asked about Kachale’s appointment and he said that there is need to de-link individuals from those who are responsible.

“Individuals must be held responsible and cannot be judged by proxy,” he said.




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  1. I think this new president has a lot to think about before he does anything it could suicide to do what matters most, hence the Pandora box will open up and chaos will ensure better to let the sleeping dogs lie in peace.

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