NICE Trust popularises phone voter verification


National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust in Balaka has embarked on a voter verification loud hailer campaign urging masses to verify their names in the voter register.

The verification exercise, according to Malawi Electoral Commission, runs from 10th to 11th June.

During the campaign, NICE Trust is encouraging the electorate to use mobile phones to verify their names by dialing *720# and follow instructions and also that before inserting registration number, the letter T should be punched in.

In an interview, after the campaign started on Monday, Balaka’s NICE Civic Education Officer, Henry Zekeria said NICE is encouraged to use broadcasting of messages because it is the fastest way that reaches large number of people in the shortest time possible.

“By using the loud speakers, we are able to reach out to a wider range of people and at the same time we are refraining from mass rallies that according to ministry of healthy directives, are discouraged to avoid transmission on Covid 19,” said Zekeria.

In its messages, the civic education organization is discouraging political violence and encouraging people to co-exist despite coming from different political grounds.

Apart from election messages, NICE Trust is also encouraging people to adhere to social-distancing pieces of advice to avoid spread of Covid-19.