Piksy’s Chonchobe music video panned

Critics have panned Piksy’s latest music video for Chonchobe, saying it looks “like footage assembled from video clips” during Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) protests.

Posting on his Facebook page, UK based arts critic, Dave Mankhokwe Namusanya, went all guns brazing in his review of the Chonchobe music video.

The No-Holds-Barred reviewer said the absence of quality and concept in the music video suggests the footage was shot using mobile phones.

“The video looks like footage assembled from video clips gathered during those mad days of HRDC violent demonstrations. In one frame, you can say it is an Itel phone that got us the video, in another maybe a Nokia 3310 (upgraded) that got the video” reviews Namusanya.

Without giving any breathing space, Namusanya goes on the Chonchobe video with an upper-cut; saying the footage is extremely bad one could think it is a mashup of clips by fans.

He ponders that a fifteen thousand Kwacha budget would be exorbitant for music video of such quality .

“Actually, if one was to say it is not an official video but one made by fans because, well, in the absence of nothing then something must pretend to assume that space, that could have been more believable. It is an official video for two reasons. One, it is written official video. Two, there’s Piksy lip-syncing to the lyrics”

“Otherwise, made to draw a budget for the video, I would say it was pegged at MK15, 000 – and that would even be exorbitant”.

The only consolation in the review is Namusanya’s rating of the song.

“Chonchobe, the song, is good. The video? Chonchobe basi“.

Foster Sukani commonly known by his stage name, Don Foxxy, produced the song at his Step Up records. The video was produced by Joe Films and directed by Wisdom Phanga.