Turnout for voter registration increases in Phalombe


National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) trust in Phalombe district says there is progress in the ongoing second phase of voter registration as the number of people who are registering per day is increasing.

Speaking in an interview, District Civic Education Officer for NICE in Phalombe, James Chimpeni said NICE has been conducting awareness campaign in the district to encourage people to go to registration centres and register.

“We have got 90 centers in Phalombe and during the first days of the second phase the turnout was not impressive but now after conducting public loud hauling, whistle stops, leaflets distribution, monitoring and supervision. People are turning out to register,” he said.

Chimpeni also said that NICE is hopeful that by the end of the exercise a lot of people would have received messages.

“We also work with the volunteers in the communities in collaboration with the chiefs and the village development committees who are disseminating the same messages. We will still mobilize the community to go and register,” he said.

As Malawi has been affected with the Covid-19 pandemic, the messages which are being given out by NICE are also sensitizing people on how they can be safe during this period.

“NICE is not only sensitizing the community on voter registration but it’s also our duty in making sure that the public is very much sensitized on the pandemic so that they should use proper procedures for them to be safe,” Chimpeni said.

He also emphasized that it is the duty of political parties, non-governmental organizations and Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to make sure that the people are well sensitized and encouraged to go and register.

“We need to work hand in hand with different stakeholders during this period and encourage political parties not to involve in any violence,” he said.

Second phase for voter registration commenced on April 27th and will end on May 10th this year.