Luwinga residents protest over isolation centre in Mzuzu

People surrounding Luwinga Technical centre in Mzuzu have held protests against the decision to use the centre as a Covid-19 isolation facility.

The community around the facility have burned beds and mattresses which the Ministry of Health put inside the centre.

Police rushed to the centre in order to disperse the crowd but the community members pelted stones at the law enforcers and the men in uniform were forced to withdraw.

One of the community members told Malawi24 that the Government didn’t consult local leaders before making the decision.

“We are not against the decision but first the Government should have consulted our local leaders who can give them a go ahead upon looking into other things.

“Look at the place, it does not have a security fence and it is easy for surrounding community members to contact the coronavirus. Secondly the centre is not in good condition and all those things need to be in place before opening the centre,” he said.

Luwinga technical Center was constructed under a Football Association of Malawi and FIFA project with the aim of developing football in Malawi from grassroot levels.

Last week, FAM offered the centre to the Ministry of Health for use as a quarantine facility.

In the Northern region, two coronavirus cases have been registered in Karonga and Mzuzu.

Maalawi has registered a total of 37 cases in which 9 recovered and three have died.