JB claims Malawi hiding statistics on coronavirus


Former President Joyce Banda says the global community cannot assist Malawi on the coronavirus when the country is hiding statistics and its challenges to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

In a post on her Facebook page, Banda said she has been following the information being provided by other Governments to their people and she feels very sad.

The former Malawi leader suggested that the government – which has always insisted that Malawi is yet to record a case of the coronavirus – is hiding figures on the coronavirus. Banda did not specify on the type of statistics.

“The global community cannot assist us when we are hiding our statistics and our challenges to fight the pandemic.

“When there is apparent politicization of this fight and apparent lack of political will to confront this pandemic as a united front regardless of our political and religious affiliations,” said Banda.

She added that she is saddened to see that Malawi is missing from the list of countries that will benefit from a US$100 million which will be provided to at risk countries to support humanitarian needs resulting from the coronavirus outbreak.

She then asked government to be proactive and stop politicizing the pandemic.

According to Banda, there is an apparent lack of preparedness or lack of access to accurate information about preparedness from government.

“Other countries in the region provide frequent briefings so that the nation knows what is happening in their countries. As for Kenya, the Minister of Health briefs the nation on daily basis. The written briefs we see each day are not good enough as more than half of our people have no access to this information,” said Banda.

Malawi is yet to record a case of the coronavirus which has hit at least 177 countries, causing over 34,000 deaths out of 735,000 cases recorded.

Malawi’s neighbor Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania have all recorded cases.

To prevent the coronavirus, the Malawi Government has imposed travel ban on foreigners, banned mass gathering and continues to advise people to practice sanitation measures such as washing hands.

The government has also banned Cross-border travel and international flights effective Wednesday this week.


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  1. JB if you don’t have news on your blog just shut up. That’s why your presidency was of azungu akuti. Diagnosis and treat of COViD 19 is done in health facilities and not everyone is DPP people have leaked sensitive information more serious than this flu. After all its not DPP manufactured so what’s the crap mama

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