Atupele warned against becoming Mutharika’s runningmate


A social commentator has warned United Democratic Front (UDF) leader Atupele Muluzi that becoming President Peter Mutharika’s runningmate is not a sure path to the vice presidency.

The commentator, Onjezani Kenani, made the remarks in a Facebook post following reports that Mutharika has offered the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) runningmate position to Muluzi.

According to Kenani, anyone who thinks the DPP is the right vehicle for riding to power is making a big mistake.

“In previous elections doing so was a sure path to the vice presidency, but that was back in the day when it was fashionable to steal elections,” said Kenani.

He added that the DPP is a poisoned chalice and if Muluzi becomes its runningmate, he will put the last nail onto the United Democratic Front’s coffin.

He also noted that the 50 percent plus one vote electoral system will be used in the fresh elections and this means there will have to be real votes as voters will also judge political parties based on what they have done in the past.

“Sometimes politicians think people in the regions they come from are like sheep, that it would simply be a matter of telling them who to vote for and that’s it, but no, DPP will now have to be judged based on its record, which includes taking people for fools by setting up foundation stones and little else, hollowing out and repurposing the police into its paramilitary wing, nepotism and a litany of other evils,” he said.

Last week, the Constitutional Court nullified the 2019 presidential elections and ordered Malawi Electoral Commission to hold fresh elections.


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