Man commits suicide over cheating wife

A man aged 22 has killed himself in Dedza after finding out that that his wife was having an affair with his friend.

The man, Symon Ngwirima, discovered that his wife, Meliselina Joseph aged 20 was having a sexual affair with one of his friends, Juvenile Zipi.

According to Dedza Police Spokesperson Cassim Manda, Ngwirima proposed to Meliselina John in 2017 and in same year, his best friend Zipi also proposed her.

Meliselina was properly double-crossing the two men who were not knowing each other.

Later, Meliselina got married to Ngwirima

In December 2019, Zipi was given a piece work to cultivate in a maize field.

Looking at how hard the task was, Zipi decided to induce his friend Ngwirima to join him.

On the first day, Ngwirima who was working as a video showman, accompanied Zipi but a day later he assigned his wife Meleselina to work on his capacity.

This gave Zipi an opportunity to get back with the woman. Rumours about the affair went round the village a few days later.

On February 3, 2020, some well-wishers tipped Ngwirima to be cautious with Zipi.

The following day, Ngwirima found that his wife’s clothes had been taken by from his house an unknown person.

Ngwirima decided to enter into the house of Zipi where he found his wife’s clothes.

Some people reported the issue to Mtakataka Police and Zipi was immediately arrested for conduct likely to cause breach of peace contrary to section 181 of the penal code.

Ngwirima and his wife were informed to visit Victim Support Unit the following morning.

On February 6, Ngwirima did not report at the police station and he was found unconscious on February 8, after he took the pesticides.

He was taken to Mua Mission Hospital where he died while receiving treatment.

According to Manda, Zipi will be taken to court soon to answer the charge of conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

Ngwirima hailed from Chiyembekezo village while his wife hails from Kudzawe village Traditional Authority Kachindamoto in Dedza.