Justin Trudeau credits Canada’s economic success to growing interest in technologies

Justine Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada truly believes in the power of technologies. The tech growth in Canada was credited to the high percentage of immigrants who come from other developed countries. Justin Trudeau believes that talented people from around the world should come to Canada and help the community. Prime minister noted that the authorities of the country are doing everything to create a community for globalization. Justin Trudeau is positive regarding immigration and hopes that the world will benefit from every person who has a talent in any particular industry.

Justin Trudeau talked in front of thousands of attendees in Canada. As you may know, Justin was the primary guest of the conference called ‘Collision”. On Monday, the Prime Minister had a privilege to have a speech about technological development. Justin also noted the role of Canada in the improvement of many international industries. After the speech, Justin had a Q and A session where regular attendees had a chance to ask him questions. Toronto was the host of the “world’s fastest-growing technological conference.” It was the first time that “collision” took place outside the U.S.

Trudeau’s personal thoughts about Canada’s technological improvement

The prime minister believes that Canada took a giant step ahead in the last few years in technologies. He is very thankful to every person who is involved in technological industries and changes the world every day. Justin said that he would take care of international and exchange programs. Canada must get talents from all over the world. Trudeau also added that his country would take better care of talented people than any other country.


Justin Trudeau said that Canadian companies are innovative and creative. It’s because Canadians are very welcoming to any ideas, and they don’t bully people who may have “funny” ideas. Trudeau believes that every thought in our mind is acceptable and worth saying.

What’s the pure reason for Canada’s technological success?

From the standpoint of business, Canadian companies are very successful in technologies. Most of the Canadian companies dominate industries such as “video gaming,” “Online gaming,” “Artificial intelligence,” etc.

We could see big Canadian companies on top of technological trends that are going to attract our attention in 2020. The real reason for Canada’s success in financial technologies is that the government of the country has a very liberal chairman along with other ministers.

Everything started with digital gaming

The first technological success of Canada’s economy came from gaming. It’s almost a general success story, as we see in other countries. The gaming industry, in general, is very generous to taxing systems, so the economic contribution from gambling could reach billions of dollars every year.

Canada was one of the first countries to allow gambling operators to create digital platforms. People who were visiting Casino and Poker venues in the 2000s could stay home and relax their gaming skills with the help of the World Wide Web. Along with years, Canada casino online became a trend not only in Canada but also outside the borders of the country. Digital gaming was the first big hit for Canada, and soon the government understood that technological development is significant. As of now, we see that country authorities focus not only on the gaming industry (gambling and video gaming) but also on acquiring talented people from other countries who are ready to improve technologies. That was the main point of Justin Trudeau while meeting attendees during the technological conference in Toronto.

What future holds for Canada?

We have seen the economic forecast and reports from different companies. Canada will have almost a 3% economic growth in 2020. Experts believe that it’s due to serious changes in the technological industry. The country’s government has helped many international companies in the technology sector to focus on the Canadian market.

Experts set expected growth in contribution from gaming industries also. Reports show that digital gaming companies will contribute 10 billion Canadian dollars to the country’s economy in 2020. At the same time, market experts are confident that number will grow 100% by the end of this decade.

Changes that were made from the Canadian government have already seen micro success in December 2019. Official data shows that more than 35 000 jobs were added to the market in late December of 2019. It’s a sign that Justin Trudeau’s approach is working correctly.