Malawians asked to try Bushiri as president

Major 1 Bushiri

 A South African businessperson based in Botswana who has been doing business in Malawi over the past 10 years has asked Malawians to try Prophet Shepherd Bushiri as president of the country.


The businessman explained that he has been quite observant of Bushiri, the spiritual leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church who has built a big brand for himself as a globally renowned spiritual leader, shrewd businessperson and an erudite philanthropist.

He said: “For somebody who rose from scratches and built a billion on his own and, interestingly, he has been steadfast and focused despite raging forces to bring him down, I feel Malawi has a human resource in Bushiri needed to manage its broken politics.

“Bushiri has money—he won’t steal from you. Bushiri is young—he knows the needs of the time. Bushiri is an entrepreneur—he will advance that culture. Bushiri gives—he will support the weak further. Bushiri is already famous—he won’t be in government to make a name.”

According to the businessperson, for a country to develop there is a need of money to fund the development projects and leadership to manage the money prudently and efficiently.

He added that Malawi has enough money both from domestic revenue and external support and it needs to fund its development programmes but what Malawi doesn’t have is the committed leadership to manage its money prudently.

The businessperson explained that what is happening in Malawi, from the 10 years he has been in this country, is that government is always captured by a self-serving interest group with a principal aim of primitive accumulation and self-enrichment.

“It’s a norm for people who run governments to serve self-interest at the expense of their people. For instance, a minister in South Africa awarded a water project to his friend and despite doing the job; it was not of expected standards because they pocketed part of the money.

“Malawi, however, is a different case: They take money to buy medicine and they don’t even supply anything; they register companies to build roads and, after getting the money from government, they deregister it and get away,” he said.










  1. Oooops!! This guy might be right….our leaders are thieves bcoz they aint hv money …they decieve and steal from us..Pipo like Bushiri can not steal from poor…Do not be stabbon malawi needs money to run…sinatchole khwani ndangodusamo..

  2. You know nothing my man Read Bible you will see kings serving God and also ruling people(king David, king Solomon and so on so stop condemning people

  3. It’s too much I think this guy must go. This is not South Africa. If he is business man he must look after his business not look after us.

  4. Tony Benn, how many years you’ve been asking about this apology thingy …for what? A dog without teeth shame….barking everywhere, on every platform ….you tried to bring this up at Braamfontein..what happened huh? A month to go into 2020- by the way, may you dream better in 2020…find battles that suit your level…”social media monitoring spirit” years are passing..nothing happening = you created a story in your dreams

  5. Malawi24,you must sieve what to write,shame on you,you were not even supposed to publish this stupidy.And to you SA guy,listen attentively,as malawians,we are not governed by money.Sort out your criminal South Africa Kwedini and leave Malawi alone.You left South Africa because you are well aware that SA is a hostile place to do business.

  6. Whats the name of this bogus businessman ? W#hen is Conman Bushiri going to apologise for his $100 Billion AFRICCI fund scam ?

  7. You can not be told by a foreigner who to choose as president,Bushiri is a prophet and can not be a politician at the same time otherwise his prophetic status is not from god.
    Another thing this businessman is a friend of Bushiri that is why he wants to do state capture like in south africa,THE GUPTAS-that must not be allowed we are not strandend for leaders,we need honest people to govern the country.This businessman must choose who to come next after the President of south africa not here in malawi.He must take his nonsense to southafrica not here in malawi.

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