Tippex was used correctly in May Elections – Mutharika  


President Peter Mutharika has insisted tippex that was used correctly in the controversial May 21 elections.

Mutharika speaking to Al Jazeera

Speaking in Al-Jazeera’s program “Talk to Al-Jazeera”, Mutharika said it was not wrong for the people who were managing the elections to correct the mistakes they noticed.

Mutharika added that most of the people who were managing the elections are school head teachers and they use tippex to correct mistakes.

“Where there are wrong addition, it is not wrong to make corrections in front of everybody. All monitors including ours and also monitors of opposition.

“May be additions somewhere. Maybe 2+2 they put 5. They realise the mistake later then they take tippex correction fluid to correct, that’s allowed,” he said.

The Democratic Progressive Party leader was declared winner in the May 21 elections but the Malawi Congress Party and UTM are challenging the results of the polls in court saying there were numerous irregularities.

According to Mutharika, the opposition MCP is not willing to accept the defeat in the elections as it has been doing in the past six years.

Mutharika alleged that in February, MCP and leader of Human Rights Defenders Coalition  Timothy Mtambo agreed to cause lawlessness when the elections would not favour them.

He went on to say that Malawians can no longer vote for MCP because of cruelty it showed during one party rule.

According to Mutharika, the then MCP President Kamuzu Banda was ruling Malawians harshly and Malawians can’t again allow to be governed by such a party.


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  1. People like mutharika knows very well that MCP had a very good governance that his party now,you can’t compare yourself and Kamuzu,kamuzu knew what he was doing it is you people who were doing wrong things then implicating the party that it was bad.
    More over you cannot be always talking about what happened in the past because those people are no longer there,there is new blood with new ideas,therefore we cannot keep on talking about who did what.
    Any bad things can happen to DPP but it doesnt mean that we must speak about it 20yrs to come,because leadership changes and people are not the same.
    So please stop it.