Chinese nationals in Malawi commemorates China’s 70th anniversary


The Chinese community in Malawi on Sunday commemorated China’s 70th anniversary with activities aimed at raising funds for the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Welfare.

China commemorates the day on 1st October and on Sunday, Chinese nationals led by Chinese Ambassador to Malawi Liu Hongyang observed the day in advance.

Chinese food was showcased

Among other things, the Chinese community showcased their local food and traditional dances.

Speaking to Malawi24, Chinese ambassador to Malawi Liu Hongyang said the good bilateral relations between Malawi and China have been a motivating factor towards the initiative.

According to Liu, the Chinese government wants Malawi to experience a boost in its development projects.

“China is commemorating 70th anniversary and the Chinese community in Malawi has thought it wise to use the day to cement the existing relation between the two nations by supporting some of the government’s plans.

“The funds will be presented to the ministry of Gender, disability children and social welfare to use it in executing some of its operations that will lead to transformation of lives,” said Liu.

He then advised the ministry to use the funds for the intended purpose.

Commenting on the initiative, Malawi’s Deputy Minister of Gender, Disability Children and Social Welfare Grace Kwelepeta said that girls in schools meet a number of challenges that hamper them from continuing with the education.

She was also quick to mention that the ministry has a lot of plans to achieve and the coming of more donations will be much appreciated.

“Girls encounter a lot hiccups in as far as hygiene is concerned and the ministry wishes to assure Chinese community in Malawi that all the funds to be raised will go to helping girls in schools across the country,” Kwelepeta said.