Ntcheu Bwanje South legislator joins DPP

Member of Parliament for Ntcheu Bwanje South constituency, Mwisho Alexander Chilikumtima, has joined the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Chilikumtima won the parliamentary seat on an independent ticket but on Sunday afternoon he told people of Bwanje South Constituency that the time has come to support DPP.

Chilikumtima has joined DPP

Chilikumtima told Malawi24 that he has decided to join the DPP with an aim of bringing developmental projects in the constituency.

“The decision of endorsing and joining DPP has come with the influence from local people and chiefs,” Chilikumtima said.

He added that DPP is the only party that has capacity to develop the country and he expressed hope that the development projects will also spread to Bwanje south constituency.

The legislator then promised to inform government about the hunger situation in the area where heavy rains during the last growing season washed away crops and resulted into low crop yield produce.

Speaking at the same rally, Senior Chief Makwangwala commended the legislator for joining the ruling party.

Makwangwala added that as a chief, he also supports programs implemented by the government.


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