Anti-quota group agrees to dialogue with government


The Quota Must Fall Movement, a group that organized demonstrations against the quota system, has ditched plans to block students from learning in favour of dialogue with the government.

The group held demonstrations last week demanding the abolition of quota system of selecting students to secondary schools or universities and threatened to shut down schools.

Mkandawire (C) and other speaking to the media

But speaking on Saturday in Mzuzu, Chairperson of the group Moses Mkandawire said they met Minister of Education Susuwele Banda at Capital Hill on Friday and they presented issues which they want government to look into.

“We want to see students from the North to be accommodated in other Schools in Central and Southern Region and some who were selected to the North should be relocated to Central Region schools to give space to Northern Region students to occupy the space,” said Mkandawire.

Commenting on the matter, Secretary of the group Dan Msowoya said quota system is diving the country so they are like mouthpieces of the victims.

“Negotiations will continue with Government and we will monitor, we agreed that these will take about three weeks. If the Government is not doing anything we are going to call for shutdown in all schools in the country, the system is dividing the country,” said Msowoya.

Malawi schools will open today for a new school year.