MHC plans to construct  thousands of houses


Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) plans to build 15,000 houses across the country in five years.

Kaunda checking MHC houses

This was revealed on Saturday by Minister of Lands and Urban Development Symon Vuwa Kaunda when he was inspecting the Mzuzu Malawi Housing projects where 16 houses are on course to be finished.

“MHC has undertaken to construct houses at Kaning’ina the flats and here at Chasefu. The corporation went to the bank to obtain the loan to build additional houses, as you know that in the whole country there is a huge demand of houses because MHC houses are decent,”Kaunda said.

In her remarks, Eunice Napolo MHC CEO, said the number of people looking to live in an MHC house is high.

She added that in Mzuzu alone, MHC has 777 houses against a demand of 7000.

According to Napolo, squatters are also another challenge the organization is facing.

“We are constructing houses here in Mzuzu and the whole country, the main challenge that we are facing many is encroachment as many people take advantage to occupy MHC plots,” she said.

Tikhalenawo Building Construction company is the company building the Mzuzu houses.

Over the past 10 years, MHC has built more than 30 houses at Katoto location in the city of Mzuzu.