Man commits suicide after he catches wife cheating


A 28-year-old man in Chitipa district has committed suicide by hanging after catching his wife having sex with another man.

Chitipa police publicist Gladwell Simwaka identified the man as Ernest Kabaghe who committed suicide on Sunday, September 8.

Simwaka said on Saturday night, September 7, the man and his wife went out together for Malipenga, a traditional dance.

Whilst there, the wife sneaked out with another man leaving behind her husband.

The husband followed the two and he found them having sex.

The woman’s lover escaped from the scene and the couple went home. At home, the husband told his wife that she will never see him again and he later disappeared.

The following morning Kabaghe’s body was found dangling under a tree in a nearby forest and was taken to the hospital where post-mortem results showed that death was due to suffocation secondary to strangulation.

Ernest Kabaghe who has left a wife and three children hailed from Itera Village in the area of Traditional Authority Mwenemisuku in Chitipa district.

Meanwhile, Police in the district are advising people to desist from taking their own lives whenever they have problems but to seek assistance from religious leaders, local leaders and Police.



  1. The wife is a bad woman. But the man was weak. He should have chased her to go go back to her parents. Why commit suicide???

  2. That’s idiocy. He should just have chased the wife other than eliminating his life which is contrary to the wish of God

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