We will die for you Papa! Mzansi rallies behind Prophet Shepherd Bushiri with “Kae Kapa Kae” hashtag, still no evidence from hawks

Major 1 Papa Bushiri

…Major 1’s case postponed to November

South Africans and other nationalities gathered in large numbers at Special Crimes Court on Thursday to support Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Prophetess Mary Bushiri in the on going fraud case by the state against the ‘couple of God’.

Major 1 Papa Bushiri
Bushiri and Wife

The highly profiled and scrutinized case has been adjourned to November 29 after the Hawks, responsible for the investigations of the case failed to bring evidence of fraud and money laundering against the couple.

Despite the heavy armed presence of Pretoria Metro Police forces, thousands of people from different nationalities came to the court to support Prophet Bushiri in what they believe to be wrong accusations aimed at destroying the image of the man of God.

“This is not on. When they arrested him everyone thought they had enough evidence against Papa, but look, they keep asking for adjournment and failing to provide evidence to conclude the case. This is unfair to him and our church,” explained Matthias Lethabo in an interview with the local media covering the case.

In 2012 during a cross over night Prophet Bushiri prophesied that there will be a time when he will be wrongly accused and even arrested when his ministry grows. He explained that all these would be to the interest of the gospel of God.

According to information at our disposal, the man of God repeated the same prophecy and it is believed that his words are coming to pass.

“I have no worries when these things happen to me, I just worry for those weak in faith. They see annd hear this and that and they end up backsliding in faith,” Prophet Bushiri forwarned his congrats while assuring them that all would be well.

Meanwhile, there is a campaign on social media dubbed Kae Kapa Kae  in solidarity the Major 1.