HRDC, govt urged to give dialogue a chance


The Peter Mutharika administration, opposition parties and the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) have been urged to use the 14-day moratorium on demonstrations as a chance for dialogue.

United Democratic Front (UDF) spokesperson Ken Ndanga says the two sides should sit down over the two week period to find a lasting solution to the current political unrest.

Malawi army soldiers were deployed on the streets on Wednesday

“It is a period where they should be honest with themselves and realise that their egos have failed the country,” Ndanga wrote on his Facebook account.

He added that the 14-day moratorium will be wasted if all sides involved in the impasse continue with their attitudes.

The HRDC have been holding demonstrations – endorsed by opposition Malawi Congress Party and UTM – demanding the resignation of Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson saying the May 21 were not free and fair elections.

However, the demonstrations were marred by acts of violence such as looting and arson attacks.

This forced the government to seek a court order against further protests.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court of Appeal issued a moratorium restraining the rights group from conducting demonstrations within the next 14 days.

It advised the HRDC, Malawi Police Service and local assemblies to use the period to discuss ways of allowing the HRDC to conduct protests which will not be marred by violence or criminal acts.

The HRDC planned to hold nationwide demonstrations from Wednesday up to Friday but the protests were been postponed because of the court order.

On Monday, government also banned post-election demonstrations because of acts of violence recorded during previous protests organised by the HRDC.

The government warned that the police will use force against any person found protesting in the streets.


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  1. We are tired of what is happening,why those leaders they don’t get a better solution, than keep on destroying the property

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