Atcheya asks to meet Mtambo again ahead of planned protests

Former President Bakili Muluzi has written Human Rights Defenders (HRDC) leader Timothy Mtambo to meet over the planned wave of demonstrations later this month.

The letter follows a previous one in which Atcheya as Muluzi is fondly known had convinced Mtambo and fellow HRDC members to a round table discussion over demonstrations the HRDC led.

The demonstrations which turned violent have been aimed at forcing Malawi Electoral Commission -MEC Chairperson Jane Ansah to resign as they accuse her of overseeing a fraudulent election.

The HRDC had announced weeks ago it will now be leading demonstrations later in the month and they will be held in airports and borders.

But Muluzi has written Mtambo arguing there is need to find a peaceful end to the impase.

“For the sake of this country may I propose another meeting between your team and myself to find solutions to this impase. We should endeavor to work at finding peaceful lasting solutions that will keep our country together,” Muluzi said.

In the letter, Muluzi has asked Mtambo and his group to make sure they reply and consider meeting him at the end of this week.

The HRDC had after the previous meeting refused to stop protests telling Muluzi who ruled from 1994 to 2004 that the vigils are meant to send a strong message to Ansah stating that the HRDC has not supported any violence in the protests.

Muluzi also expressed his worry over torching of Mtambo’s house weeks ago.
He says the act shames him.