Bullets mocked over scooters


Is it a matter of rivalry or envy from Be Forward Wanderers supporters? Well, Nyasa Big Bullets players have been mocked by rival fans for receiving 10 scooters from HTD and Nyasa Manufacturing Company Limited.

Wanderers player arriving for training

On Wednesday, ten scooters were donated to Bullets players but the news received mixed reactions from rival fans on social media with some saying the scooters are meant for children.

The banter on Facebook reached another level when Wanderers’ official Facebook page posted some pictures of players and officials arriving for training session on their vehicles.

“But this life is unfair, so Wanderers players are coming to their training base using their own vehicles while Neba will be using scooters? Total madness,” reads one of the comments.

A Bullets players riding one of the scooters

Another Wanderers fan mocked Bullets by saying: “This team will never cease to amaze me, from Chicken FC to Kabaza FC, scooters?.”

However, Bullets fans were proud to defend the move saying the corporate world is willing to partner the club because of commercialization.

“Neba Nsanje, we are able to attract the interest of the corporate world because of commercialization. Ukhalira yomweyo yokwenyedwa ngongole ndi akatapirayo,” commented one fan.

The scooters were donated as part of Bullets management’s promise made a month ago to ease problems which the players face when going to the team’s training ground.