Mussa’s Faith pays dividends

Gospel musician Faith Mussa continues to motivate others via a trending post he shared on Facebook recently.

The musician who is among the most celebrated in Malawi, shared his life experience in the name of motivation. In his post, he encourages people to believe in God and themselves if their stories are to have a happy ending.

According to Mussa, his former boss cursed him when he was fired. However the award winning singer did not allow the words to come to pass in his life, as evidenced by his current status.

“A couple of years ago I was fired from a job that I loved so much for no good reason. I still remember the words that my former Boss said. “Umadziona ngati ndani? (Who do you think you are), you think you can survive outside this place? Without us, you will be poor and miserable. You will come back begging us to take you back”. It was painful. He even insulted my parents,” narrated Mussa

“I reversed all these words at the same time on the same day because I never wanted them to come to pass in my life. I have made tremendous progress in my life out of work than when I was employed full time. I learnt financial discipline, to invest the little money I make because I wasn’t sure when I would make another coin. I learnt to value time because now I could create money anytime not waiting to get a salary over month end. I learnt to work hard and even harder because now a little sleep, a little slumber meant that I would go hungry. Most of all, I learnt to create money out of doing the things I love Music. Suddenly I get paid to have fun and I have travelled to every continent on this planet enjoying fruits of my God given gift. All contrary to my former Boss’ expectations because I refused to believe his words.”

True to his words, the Desperate hit-maker is among a few artists who are putting Malawi on the map through world tours. Hard work has pushed Faith to a top level where he is now changing lives at an international level.

His post continues to record likes and comments on Facebook as many people are getting inspired with his story.