Malawians fill streets as Chilima warns against vandalism

Leader of UTM Saulos Chilima has told protesters to refrain from violence and vandalism saying Malawians struggling to make a living should not suffer during the demonstrations.

Chilima made the statement during today’s demonstrations in Lilongwe as protesters continue to demand the resignation of Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah.

Demonstrators burnt tyres in Lilongwe

The UTM president said everyone in the country is struggling to earn a living in any means such that vandalism and theft will make people suffer for the mistakes of others.

“We are supposed to show our anger to the right person who is Jane Ansah not our friends and family who are struggling by doing some business and other activities that enable to them to eat every day,” he explained.

Chilima as usual encouraged the protesters not to be afraid since demonstrating is a way of exercising their rights.

He said the demonstrations will be a warning to future MEC Commissioners and people in authority that suspicious activities will lead them nowhere since Malawians’ eyes are wide open.

Speaking on the same, Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) Chairperson Timothy Mtambo told the protesters not to be discouraged but to move forward with courage and faith.

The demonstrations which started from the community ground will end at State House where the protesters will present their petition.




  1. Chitsiru cha munthu chilima sizikuveka zomwe ukukamba pita kwa amako akukulange pamodzi ndi zako chakwera komaso mtambo

  2. Without vandalism is nothing for demostration gentle man let’s target only government offices and business,we can’t just move and go leave the letters nothing gonna change we need to suck them

  3. Apangileni chuma antambo ndi azizao pomwe inu mukubwelela kwanu okagona ndi njala

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