Malawi Law Society calls on Ansah to resign


The Malawi Law Society (MLS) has called on Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Jane Ansah to resign saying her refusal to step down is causing political unrest.

The MLS made the call in a letter dated 12th July and signed by chairperson Martha Etta Kaukonde.

The letter has been addressed to Malawi Congress Party president Lazarus Chakwera, UTM leader Saulos Chilima, Democratic Progressive Party president Peter Mutharika, MEC chairperson Ansah and Human Right Defenders Coalition (HRDC) chairperson Timothy Mtambo.

HRDC has been organising demonstrations aimed at forcing Ansah to resign for mismanaging the May 21 elections. On several occasions protests turned violent as protesters looted shops and blocked roads.

In its statement, MLS said Ansah’s refusal to resign has led to political unrest.

“The Law Society calls upon the Electoral Commission Chairperson to further equally deeply reflect on the value of remaining in office while her stay in that office seems to be a cause for social disruption and political unrest,” MLS said.

The society also urged organisers of the demonstrations to reflect on the value of the protests when the issue they are protesting – the outcome of the May 21 polls – is in court.

“No doubt, there is a right to demonstrate but we request the organisers and supporters to deeply reflect on this especially when on the two occasions so far, such demonstrations have led to destruction of property in circumstances which the nation is yet to get full information on,” MLS said in its letter.

The letter further advised leaders of political parties to see to it that their sentiments at political rallies  do not undermine the credibility of the Malawi elections case and should instead use the rallies to warn their members of the possible outcomes at the court.


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