T.B. Joshua rape scandal: New shocking evidence emerge

Vicki Royce

The accusation of sexual misconduct against prominent Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua has taken a new twist following the shocking confession of the lady involved revealing how she was handsomely paid.

According to the Nigerian online portal The Pointer News, Vicki Royce, an upcoming singer based in Lagos State, says emerged with the confession that she was paid money to smear the name of the cleric

Vicki Royce
Vicki Royce: I was paid

confessed that “she was paid to carry out the evil act” in accusing Joshua of rape and experienced a mental breakdown ever since her name was embroiled in the scandal.

It would be recalled that shortly after the COZA rape scandal erupted, multiple Nigerian blogs carried the news alleging Royce was raped by Prophet T.B. Joshua in 2012. This is despite the fact that she didn’t specifically mention his name in the tweets where she recounted the purported assault.

Several days later, Royce retorted online that Joshua was not the one who abused her, although the story of his sordid involvement had already spread in the Nigerian social media sphere.

“I beg of you! I was paid to accuse you of rape,” Vicki is quoted as saying to Joshua after she was spotted deliriously ‘roaming’ the streets of Lagos. “Pray for me so that I can get better.”

The news comes on the heels of a viral video showcasing another prominent accuser of Prophet T.B. Joshua, Bisola Johnson, confessing to her own mental instability years earlier in Joshua’s church and ‘begging’ for his help.

Ms Johnson’s videos were released by the Prophet’s church, the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) on its Emmanuel TV after she had made fresh allegations against the televangelist.

It is not the first account of Joshua’s critics being paid to accuse him.

A video on Emmanuel TV’s YouTube channel detailing an ex-militant’s confession that he was recruited by a Nigerian church to badmouth Joshua in public crusades in exchange for monetary incentives has been viewed 200,000 times.

The cleric, who is known for his calm mien despite the numerous attacks levelled at him, has described his ‘haters’ as providing free advertisement for his ministry.

“Let people advertise you. Don’t fight back. If truly you are genuine, whatever people say about you – whether they condemn you or spoil your name – it is for your good. If truly you are sent by God, it will turn around to favour you,” he said.



  1. i dont feel happy about these critics to our Mentor but what I like from His teachings is that
    anything close to Christ receives attacks. they adverise Him more and our Love to Him
    accumulates everyday because of the Salvation of our Souls we receive from Him. keep up
    the good Work Man of God. i am who I am today because of YOU.
    i wish these churches can live You alone

  2. Why do people like talking evil against men of God. You confessing where are the proofs to convince people with your lies. I am an info-grapher and I know how you fake all those your lies. Beware of what you say. Nonsense. If you lack what to say please close your mouths because fire will consume you. God forgive you all

  3. whatever you do know that your reward is waiting for you everything is opened and naked before God this prophet is from God whoever God has blessed man cannot destroyed him we thank God that the truth is out within few days God will lift prophet T.B Joshua more as people are paid to soil his reputation. God bless you to bring the truth out.

  4. The devil is working tirelessly to tarnish the names of Jesus Christus followers but those with strong faith in Him won’t become victims of the devil.

  5. May God of my father prophet tb joshua do the same with my enemy’s who are acusing me falsely may he punish them to come and confess in Jesus name.

  6. Prophet T. B Joshua, is truly a man from God by standing firm upon the condemnation falsely alleged of rape. This is nothing but a sign as a truly representative of our saviour Jesus Christ. I advised Prophet T. B Joshua to continue with d spreading of the good news to the world where is most needed as the fulfilment of God’s Scriptures. Thank you

  7. Glory to Jesus, even Lord Jesus himself was accused of many different things, so even his servants will experience the same fate, That’s your Glory in him man of God, father TB Joshua. Love you.

  8. when Michal,wife to David,despised David because of how he dance in public,God punish Michal,with barrenness,for life! You cant go free,after talking ill of God's anointed! TB. Joshua is God's anointed hence haters says:

    God’s anointed always faces such trials,& TB Joshua wont be the last

  9. Thank God the lady has confessed to being paid but she needs to also name those who paid her to smear the name of the man of God if she really wants to make proper restitution.

  10. Thank you God the lady has confessed to being paid but she needs to also name those who paid her to smear the name of the man of God if she really wants to make proper restitution.


  12. Love is the means of life because we make living by what we do, but through LOVE we make life by what we give. This unfailing coerced us as the true law,

    If I were to comment on the abbreviation of love, I could say :

    L – Law
    O – Obedience
    V – Vengeance
    E – Eternal.

    You could fail to have every but you should not fail to possess LOVE.

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