TFAC hailed for fighting abuse against girls

The Ministry of Education has commended Theatre for a change (TFAC) for its initiatives which have helped in reducing violence against girls thereby increasing the number of school going girls in Phalombe district.

Under consortium of other two non-governmental organisations namely Concern Worldwide and Women’s Legal Resource Centre (WOLREC), TFAC has been implementing a three year project called ‘right to learn’  aimed at removing all the obstacles that hinder girls from accessing the education.

Senior inspector responsible for primary schools at the district’s education office William Namakhula said due to coming in of the organisation the number of girls going to school has increased in the areas that the project was being implemented.

“As the education office here in Phalombe, we are very appreciative for the good job which TFAC has done in reducing abusive cases in our schools and improving girl access to education in this district.

“Looking at the cases which we received, the abuse cases have been tremendously being reduced.

“We are also thankful that they have equipped our teachers on how they can managed and solve such kind of cases, we are going to utilise that so that we should sustain to whatever they have been doing,” Namakhula told the press after the project’s exiting ceremony held at Phalombe Teacher Training College on Saturday morning.

Leadership team and programmes’ coordinator for the organisation Simeon Chirwa said the project has been successful as girls are now able to report on Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) matters affecting them.

“We have been implementing this project in 30 schools here in Phalombe as we have been focusing on SRH whereby we are trying to improve SRH among marginalised girls. We are happy that the girls we have trained are able to report issues to people who can help them,” he said.