Ansah rejects Chilima’s claim she wanted Mutharika to win

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson has rejected UTM leader Saulos Chilima’s claims that she directed staff to ensure President Peter Mutharika emerged winner in the May 21 presidential elections.

Speaking to Zodiak in an interview aired on Monday evening, Ansah said Chilima’s allegations are false. She also noted that the UTM leader did not provide any evidence to prove his claims.

Chilima, who is also former Malawi president, claimed that Ansah told MEC workers she would be grateful if they made sure Mutharika beat Chilima and Malawi Congress Party’s (MCP) Lazarus Chakwera in the elections.

“You specifically mentioned that you did not want Rev. Dr Chakwera to get elected because his running mate is a Muslim. You further told them that I am too ambitious hence not fit to be elected,” Chilima said.

Addressing the issue in Monday’s interview, Ansah said Chilima was lying since she had never made such remarks.

The MEC chair said the commission works as a board and she does not interact with all staff at MEC hence could not direct them on who should win polls.

“I have siblings and other relatives who belong to different political parties. I have never told them on who to vote for. Even my workers, I did not tell them on which candidate to vote,” she said.

On claims that she did not want a Muslim vice president, the Ansah said she has lived with relatives who are Muslims and she still attend family events with the relatives.

According to Ansah, after receiving Chilima’s letter she responded by telling the UTM leader to wait for the final determination of the court in the case in which UTM and MCP are challenging the outcome of the polls.



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