Hyena attacks man in unused pit


A hyena on Thursday severely wounded a man aged 47 after the man and the animal fell in an unused pit.

The hyena has been put down

The hyena also attacked the man’s two sons. The victims are Genesis Banda, 47, years and his two sons identified as Stein Banda aged 17 and Lonjezo Banda aged 14.

According to Kasungu police spokesperson Harry Namwaza, the incident happened during the night of June 13, 2019 at Mchenje village at around 1:00 hours.

Namwaza said Banda heard the sound of his pigs struggling in his kraal as if they were being attacked. Sensing danger, he rushed to the kraal to see what was wrong with his pigs.

Just as he approached the kraal premises he saw the hyena carrying a pig which it had killed from his kraal.

Banda started chasing the hyena but in the process both Banda and the hyena fell into an unused pit latrine where the animal started attacking him.

The cries of the victim awakened his two sons who rushed to the scene.

In an attempt to help their father out of the pit latrine, the two sons were also bitten and wounded by the hyena.

The victims were rushed to Kasungu District Hospital where Banda was immediately referred to Kamuzu Central Hospital due to the gravity of his injuries.

The hyena has been killed and has been handed over to National Parks and Wildlife department.