Viewers see Angels on Prophet T.B. Joshua’s Emmanuel TV


Followers of Prophet T.B. Joshua have claimed seeing angels while watching the prophet’s Emmanuel TV channel.

According to the viewers, the angel appeared on TV during a time of prayers for viewers.

The angel captured on Emmanuel T

“As our daughter came close to Emmanuel TV, we saw this powerful light! I even grabbed my phone and took this powerful picture, which I attached. Emmanuel!!!” a woman from one family said.

The woman, Judith Bubakar who is a Kenyan living in USA, said the angel’s appearance occurred two years after she visited SCOAN for God to intervene in her life.

She said at the time she was pregnant and doctors had told her she would not be able to successfully deliver her baby. Her residence permit in USA was also taking longer than normal.  She later delivered a baby girl and received a green card in the US. Now she has seen angels on T.B Joshua’s Emmanuel TV.

In 2015, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri made headlines when he claimed that angels had visited Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) during the main service.

People branded the claim as outrageously ridiculous.

Prophet Bushiri’s ex-personal assistant and image cleaner revealed later on that the images were doctored.

Unlike Bushiri who owned up the angel visit, T.B. Joshua has not claimed the allegation as authentic.

Likewise, it has been alleged that Prophet Paseka Mboro Motsoeneng had also claimed to have visited heaven where he took a selfie with Jesus.



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