Gwaladi pleads not guilty

‘Zangondipasa minyama’ hit maker, Joe Gwaladi, has pleaded not guilty to the charge related to damaging Malawian currency levelled against him.

Gwaladi was arrested on 24th April this year by Malawi Police Service in Phalombe district following a complaint by the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM).

Gwaladi: Has denied any wrongdoing

The arrest came after his images went viral on social media. The pictures showed the musician carrying money in a transparent plastic bag and placing notes on the ground.

Law enforcers’ spokesperson in the district, Innocent Moses, told Malawi24 soon after the arrest that RBM reported the case against the suspect whose images were seen on social media, splashing, soiling and damaging Malawian currency in k2000 denomination at a drinking spree on 17th April this year.

Appearing before Phalombe Second Grade Magistrate Lawrence Mangani on Friday morning, the 29 year old musician denied the charge of willfully defacing, soiling or damaging Malawian currency which is contrary to section 54 (2) sub-section C of the Reserve Bank of Malawi Act.

The state said it would parade three witnesses but only two were available and they testified against him and thereafter the state applied for an adjournment since the third witness was not ready to testify.

Meanwhile, Mangani has adjourned the matter to 13th May 2019 and the musician is still on police bail.


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  1. he is charged with the offence of wilfully defacing, soiling & damaging.. milando yinayi njodabwitsa

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