Major 1 Saves unborn prophet: Prophet Bushiri stops woman from aborting and getting back with her ex


… You are alive because your mother did not do abortion. So you also, don’t abort on Monday

… do not abort because you are carrying a prophet

…You will break up in November with the man you want to come back with

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has saved unborn prophet from being aborted when the televangelist  delivered a spine-chilling prophecy for a tormented woman .

The woman confessed to Prophet Bushiri, affectionately called Papa and Major 1 by his followers, that she was not fine.

“I am not fine Papa” she said as she nearly cried.

“Hear me, when a prophet is in the land, God has brought solution in your life. I just want to pray for you” said Bushiri when he came face-to-face with the woman who he said was contemplating of getting her ex-partner back.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri


“I know you are so worried right now. You don’t know what to do” Bushiri says as the woman issues a nod of approval to what the Malawian born prophet is saying.

As it is now his signature, he turned to his congregation, and posed rhetorically: “Can I prophesy?”

“The Love of God upon you is so very strong. [But] I want you to amend your relationship with your mother because you are fighting with your mother.

“Each time when you pray and when God is about to do something, you fight with your mother and this is hindering you from receiving what God wants to do upon your life”.

Bushiri then narrated how the conflict between the woman and her mother started.

“Your fights started when you were very very young because you don’t know your father. When your mother was pregnant of you, the father even wanted you to be aborted. You are alive because your mother did not do abortion. So you also, don’t abort on Monday” said Bushiri, suggesting the woman was pregnant and planning an abortion.

“When I look at you, you are three weeks pregnant. The pregnancy is 3 weeks, 2 days 4 hours, 9 minutes and 20 seconds” he tells her in the clip that has gone viral.

“Hear me, do not abort because you are carrying a great nation inside you. There is a prophet coming from your womb” he concludes his prophecy.

The woman, according to Bushiri, was being haunted by her childhood memories of being left by her mother who had remarried. The woman was raised by her grandmother.

Bushiri then warned the woman against getting her ex back into her life.

“This man who is trying to come back, you broke up two times before, isn’t it? And then he is gonna come back again, and you are going to break up again in November” said Bushiri to the shocked woman.

“I am here so that I save and preserve what is in your womb. What you are passing through is what you mother passed through. When you were pregnant, this person left just like what happened with you and your mother. When you were in your mother’s womb, your father  also left. So, history is repeating itself.

“I have come here because God has heard your prayers. When I deliver you, your life will open completely, everything open” prophesies Bushiri before praying for the lady.

“You are free” he declares at the end of the 7 minutes and 5 seconds clip.

In 2016, the controversial leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) found himself in hot soup after claiming that a businesswoman was bewitching her grandchildren.

He was sued by the woman, Lebohang Mpane, for defamation and demanded K50 million (R1 million) in damages. The 2016 prophecy led to the #BushiriMustFall campaign spearheaded by the woman’s son, Antonio Martin.

The two buried the hatchet following the intervention of Prophet Paseka Mboro Motsoeneng. Bushiri apologized for the prophecy.



  1. When is Bushiri going to apologise to the public of Africa for his $100 Billion AFRICCI fake scam fund. Was this the biggest of Bushiris lies and scams ?