Zambians mock Malawi over new Kamuzu Airport terminal


A new terminal building constructed at Kamuzu International Airport has sparked jokes from Zambians.

The terminal building which has been built by the Government of Japan was handed over to the Malawi government on Monday.

Malawi says it will improve efficiency at the country’s biggest airport which is in the capital, Lilongwe. However, Zambians have mocked its appearance.

The terminal building has sparked jokes

A picture of the terminal was trending in Zambia on Tuesday and one of the country’s popular Facebook pages, Mwebantu, posted the photo on its page.

Commenting on the post, Zambian Facebook users made fun of the one-story building.

“The airport building looks like a bakery,” Luke Chølå.

While Victor Chitoshi Mukuka:  “It looks like a maize storage shed.”

“It looks like one of the workshops at Lusaka trades,” said Mupondwa Chiyosha.

Other Zambians said the design of the building shows their country is more developed hence Malawi should become Zambia’s province.

“Even Shoprite can refuse to rent this building please just join Zambia and make Malawi Eastern province extension,” Zulu Felique Tibakonde said.

The construction of three new terminals at KIA started in 2017 and was the main phase of a $35 million (about K26 billion) project funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica).

A new radar surveillance system was also installed at the airport as part of the project.



  1. its none of their business. It shows how primitive the Zambians are by involving themselves with our issues! Ignore them! They are rubbish! why don’t they concentrate on their failing economy! They has copper and now they are struggling! stupid management!!

  2. A nyanya abale, I don’t blame them at all,
    This is airport kuchita kupempha ndalama dziko lina akumangileni, ndalama za misongo mukupanga nazo chani?
    Komanso ndizaulelezo osalephera you have benefited from there as well.
    Very shameful country, how do you expect zaulele all the time.
    Indeed it looks like libalani lafodya.
    We need to give our country back to Asamunda, zikuti kanika, kalikonse kukapempha .
    Msewu othamanga ndegewo ukakumbika mupitanso kukapempha

  3. I’m a Malawian 2,
    But guys, what on earth are you doing?
    I mean what the f…k is that, an airport, really? I can a Munthalika apa nde mwalephela basi