Impossible! Nigeria’s Prophet Azuka claims to have healed woman of HIV


A prophet in Nigeria, Ohez Azuka, claims to have healed a woman of HIV.

The woman, who identified herself as Mrs. Stella Patrick, told local media that she was diagnosed at Alimosho General Hospitals Igando. Miss Patrick alleges that she has been suffering from HIV disease over 5 months.

“About 5 month ago I, my husband and the kids visit our family hospital for normal monthly checkup just to know our health status, when result for the first test came out, we find out, we are all suffering from malaria symptoms.

“My husband, further requested for a HIV test to carried out on both we and the kids just for us to be sure of other areas of our health which doctors did and when the result came out; I tested positive, while my husband and the kids tested negative” she narrated her story.

She claims to have gone for multiple HIV test with different hospitals to check her results, which came out conclusive.

She says the first test was carried out at Recovery Hospital by Lasu- Iyana-Iba Expressway in Lagos  while the second test was carried out at St. Charles Hospital in  Anambra State before going to Alimosho General Hospital where she was advised to start to start taking antiretroviral medicines.

It was after attending a service at Kingdom Power International Praying Centre where she was prayed for by Pastor Azuka that she claims to have been healed.

She told local media in Nigeria that she immediately started bleeding after the service. She continuously bled for 4 days before she could summon for the pastor who then prayed for her and declared her healing.

After the bleeding had stopped on Friday, she returned to Recovery Hospitals  for another HIV test as Pastor Azuka had declared her healed.

While she alleges that her results came out negative, Malawi24 could not independently verify her claims.

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