Mulli promises more development projects for Phalombe


As the 21st May elections draw closer, Member of Parliament for Phalombe Central Felton Mulli has said that people in his constituency should expect more development projects if he retains his seat.

Mulli: there will be more

Mulli said in his current 5 year term he has done a lot of developmental projects for his area and voters should expect more come May 21st.

“As we have been saying, Phalombe district was left behind in a lot of areas. But now a lot of things have been done to develop this area,” he said.

According to Mulli, these developmental projects include the introduction of electricity in hard to reach areas, tarmac roads, boreholes and 13 trading centers.

He added that he is now working on Migowi to Phaloni road and a bridge which connects Matawa and Dzenje to get finished.

“I am going to continue these other unfinished projects if given another chance after the coming elections and I promise to do more for my people,” he said.

Mulli then thanked Phalombe residents for the support which they have given him in the past four years.