APAM quits Mutharika’s taskforce: Says Govt not serious

Albinos Malawi

The Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) has withdrawn from the Presidential Taskforce on Persons with Albinism with immediate effect.

According to a statement issued by APAM and signed by it’s Chairperson Overstone Khondowe, the decision has come because of careless remarks from government yesterday during a press conference that shows government’s lack of seriousness in fulfilling duties and responsibilities to protect persons with albinism.

However, APAM has reminded the President Peter Mutharika led government on the demands that must be met mmediately.

The organisation wants government to uncover the market which fuels attacks on persons with albinism through commission of inquiry, research and to hire of foreign experts and improve on access of Justice through establishment of special ad hoc courts.

It also wants governnent to: “Roll out of National Action Plan (NAP), intensify security of persons with albinism across the country, increase socio-economic support to persons with albinism and registration and regulation of traditional healers.”
APAM has said that the first demand of hiring foreign security and investigation experts is coming in because the local security investigation measures have completely failed.

The foreign experts will also establish the markets that are fueling the killing of persons of albinism, according to APAM.

On establishment of ad hoc courts, APAM has said this is because of slow rate of cases involving perpetrators who are killing persons with albinism compared to other criminal investigations.

According to the statement, APAM is demanding the rolling of National Action Plan because at the moment the plan is just on the paper but if rolled out it will see persons with albinisms enjoying all human rights as every Malawian.

Persons with albinism have been killed and their bodies exhumed because of perpetrators who are among others claim that the body parts of persons with albinism are used for rituals.

That is why APAM has asked Malawi Government to regulate and register all traditional healers in the country.
Meanwhile, APAM plans to hold three day vigil at Kamuzu Palace.



  1. How can they make demands after pulling out of the presidential task force and going around despising APM by referring to SKC as the president? When you need help you must be humble, don’t go around throwing your weight and making demands.APAM is led by fools who are using the plight of their fellow people for gain.

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